Best IDE for PHP Developers

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Phpstorm developed by jetBrains is an exclusive package for the web developers in order to offer an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It greatly facilitates the web programmers, freelance web developers, and PHP developers because of its handy and highly professional features. It overlaps the entire range of features found in webstorm, including support for Personal Home Page (PHP) and database assistance. It has built in many Java plug-ins which are instantly usable and absolutely free.

It also helps laravel developers to a great extent as they are now able to create personalized applications through phpstorm’s open source web application framework for free. It is pre-installed of numerous top listed codes and customized features.

Key Features:-

  • Phpstorm offers a broad scope code editor for personal home page (PHP) with extra features of syntax highlighting and code completion. It is configured to format extended codes and on the fly errors checkout.
  • Code completion feature facilitates the web developers so that they can personalize the PHP, finalize classes, methods, variables, and key words to place on PHP.
  • It provides a great development environment that web programmers and developers could only have dreamed of. It has SQL and database assistance, remote deployment, version control and automatic integration, and Google App engine.
  • It has been built by keeping in view the processes to review the recently found bugs and problem areas. A fool proof visual debugger has been incorporated to make the testing and web development easy. The debugger works from integrated framework. You can review your scripts from phpstrom using any of the debuggers either Xdebug or Zend Debugger.
  • Unit level tests are also accessible through PHP Unit tests. You can run any of the file, class, or contexts right from the parent directory with the facility of code coverage.
  • It has great support for any unforeseen situation. The developers are motivated for inducing an integrated framework to assist web developing in a better way as compared to yesteryears.
  • Once you are licensed, you always will be. Yes, phpstorm license is merely permanent. It includes free support and software updates for one year free of cost. You can find many kinds of licenses as per your needs, which include, individual (best of personal PHP development), Commercial (designed for freelancer web developers and companies/organizational use), Academic (to be used by students of computer science or web development), classrooms (offered free of cost for registered trainers and teacher of recognized institutions on presentation of valid identity), and open source projects (it is also free and for open sourced projects).

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