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Phalcon offers the traditional features of a latest PHP MVC-framework, it is not only comfortable to use, but it is fast, really fast, in fact blazing fast as it is written in C.


A  PHP developer develops websites, applications and programs using PHP, (a dynamic scripting language), known for business applications and web development.

No doubt, PHP is one of the most popular and powerful coding language known to web developers. A proper framework helps in creating applications safer, efficiently and more quickly, but the question arises that which is the best framework that allow us to develop the applications in a secure and efficient manner?

What is Phalcon PHP?

Phalcon, based on the MVC Pattern, is a great performance web framework for PHP. It is an open-source framework, released in 2012 and licensed under the BSD license’s terms.

You can easily find the instructions of the installation process in the documentation. The process of Phalcon doesn’t take more than a few minutes. With PhalconPHP, the complete framework is already in RAM, hence the complete framework file set does not require to process.  Phalcon offers features, such as pagination, an ORM, caching, a templating engine and Request object library. It promotes the MVC architecture.

The framework in Phalcon is itself is written in C. At the starting of the web server process, the C extensions are loaded and then reside in RAM. This allows Phalcon to process more than 2300 requests per second, thus it is really fast as compared to other frameworks.

In PHP frameworks, Phalcon PHP is said to be the next Big Thing. It is getting more popular as compared to Zend, Laravel, Symphony and liked by all freelance web developers.

Drawbacks of Phalcon PHP

Here are some major drawbacks of Phalcon PHP.

  • You’re debugging C, if something goes wrong
  • Extension is compiled. This means installation process is complex and impossible on shared hosting.

Pros of Phalcon PHP

Here is a list of the top benefits of the Phalcon PHP framework that distinguishes it from other frameworks.

  • For MVC-based applications, Phalcon offers the lowest overhead. This is due to its low-level optimizations and architecture.
  • The PHP element is quite similar to other MVC frameworks as it comprises of traditional MVC code.
  • The extension provides ready to use functions and classes for any application.
  • Phalcon has its own ORM, PHQL (Phalcon Query Language). You can use it to make cleaner and more expressive database interaction. You can even integrate PHQL with models to easily use and define relationships between your tables.

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